All You Need to Know About Different Camera Lenses

Have you finally decided to build up your photography skills? If you’re new to this field, photography for you might be limited to holding the camera appropriately and pressing the click button to capture your favorite shot, isn’t it? However, there is a lot more you need to learn to master photography. Yes, that’s true! Apart from having knowledge about camera settings and composition, it is important to learn the basic and advanced gears of your camera. And, one such essential component that affects the quality of your shot is your camera lens. So let’s have a look at some common yet effective camera lenses:

  • Standard Prime/fixed Lenses

As the name itself suggests, fixed lenses have a consistent focal length which means that if you’re using a camera having 50mm focal length, you’ll get a 50mm viewpoint. Now that the perspective you get remains equal to the focal length, the photographer opting for prime lenses cannot zoom in and out, neither can you capture close-ups and wide shots standing at the same spot.

Standard fixed lens can be used for almost all sorts of photography including but not limited to wedding, portrait, landscape, and even street photography.

  • Zoom Lenses

Zoom lenses are especially known for their flexible traits. It comes up with a single autofocus feature and enables the wedding photographer Essex to capture the objects placed at any distance from their standing point. So now all that you gotta do is zoom in and out to click your shot without having to run around. What’s more? The zoom lens is a better choice for a portrait, wildlife and wedding photographers.


  • Telephoto Lenses

Another brilliant camera lenses that are specially crafted to take pictures of the objects located at a huge distance from your standing point. And, this is the main reason why the telephoto lens is one of the major preferences of wildlife, planet, sports photographers, and the folks who love shooting nature. The focal length of these lenses ranges from 70mm to as much as 600mm.

Now the good news is: Most of the Telephoto Lenses come with a built-in zoom feature which makes it easier for a photographer to capture multiple shots standing still.

  • Macro Lenses

Are you looking for camera lenses that could help you photograph the close-ups of an object? Well, you are in the right place! Macro lenses excel close-up shots. From exposing the details of minute hairs on the bug to showing the beautiful water droplets on flowers and plants, this lens can be the right fit for photographers wanting to capture 1:1 image of the object. The focal length of the Macro lenses varies from 50mm to 200mm and is probably the only lens that enables you to get an extremely detailed shot of any subject.

So these were 4 types of lenses that are utilized for different photography needs. Whilst some of you like zoom lenses others might feel comfortable with the prime lenses. So why wait? Choose your favorite lens according to your particular photography niche. Good Luck!